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Sometimes I open a website and there I am, literally searching for the actual content of the website amidst the advertisements. We have reached the time for the creation of an app/application software that disables advertisements from appearing on a users browsing device. #justsaying

And when I though things could not get any worse (or better for marketing companies. Its all about perspective 🙂 ) Some genius came up with the “splash adverts”. So just as it is with most popular “youtube” videos, I keep coming across websites that advertise products on their “splash” pages. I wonder how much that costs in the marketing corporation. I mean, The power of a splash is huge. I mean, that’s the page that appears when you enter a website/webpage. The avid human browser closes a tab upon opening it to discover that they have been link-misled (yehh, no-one really sees the whole “>>skip this ad<< found on the corner of the window). So unless you trust that viewers will remain on your page; that means unless you have something audiences really want (like giving away free ipads or something) or are just that important/ established (like Time magazine or something), then I suggest you do not take advantage of this type of advertising space because it will not prove advantageous to you in the end. If you are an average Joe in the digital world, I suggest you keep your advertisement space to the right of your screen- that will be one less reason for a user not to close your webpage.

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p.s. this link will direct you to a splash-free website. Happy browsing 🙂

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